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One of the strongest predictors we have of increasing our health & happiness

There is one shared denominator for what people across cultures and religions report as giving them meaningful happiness in their lives: being something for others. When we give of ourselves to others through volunteering we experience an array of health benefits from hormones rushing through our biology, increasing our resistance to disease and adversity. In fact, giving is one of the strongest predictors of increasing our health and happiness.
Associate Professor Thomas Nielsen, University of Canberra

A healthy life style choice

One of the healthiest things we can do is to volunteer. Volunteering leads to healthier, happier, and longer lives1. Sustainable wellbeing comes not from money or consumerism, but from having meaningful happiness in our lives. Studies show intimate links between generosity and our immune systems. We now know that volunteering is not just good for our physical health, but for our psychological and emotional health too.

There is so much more to volunteering than simply giving your time and skills to help others.
Associate Professor Thomas Nielsen, University of Canberra
Nielsen, T. W. (2013). Meaningful Living
Thomas W. Nielsen, The Canberra Times, June 14, 2010.

A true community builder

Engaging in generous and altruistic behaviour makes you want to be more generous and altruistic. Volunteering, health, and happiness together create a positive, reinforcing loop: the more you Volunteer, the healthier you become, the more you want to volunteer. Volunteering is a true community builder in that sense.
Associate Professor Thomas Nielsen, University of Canberra

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