United Way South Australia has a long and proud history of connecting the local community and local businesses to causes supporting children, families and communities in need. For over 40 years, United Way South Australia’s success has been built upon the donations of individuals, workplaces and businesses. Today, technology enables you to donate securely and easily and you can be confident that your donation(s) will be invested responsibly to help those in real need.

When people give regularly, we are able to budget more accurately, allowing us to confidently commit funds to vital community projects. Our programs are not about helping people for just a day, a week or even a year. They are solutions for the long term – providing the disadvantaged with tools to build fulfilling, self-sufficient lives.

Regardless of whether you want to fundraise as an individual or a group, donate a portion of your salary through your company’s workplace giving program, provide a grant or donation as an organisation, become a lead donor or simply make a pledge with a credit card online, we can help you help us. 

By focusing on helping children prepare for and transition to school, working with others for purpose organisations to support families and building safer communities, our Workplace Giving campaigns provide supporters with a better understanding of local needs, what they can do and why it’s important. 

For more information on giving, please contact us or click on the donate button to securely donate online. 

Help Parents Read To Their Children

How do you ensure a child starts school ready to read, learn and succeed if they have a vision impairment and their parents struggle with their own learning?

This is the experience of an Elizabeth Downs father who recently attended a United Way SA literacy building event, run at Elizabeth Downs Pre-School. 

As our Community Coordinator (now Senior Director), Kerry, read to the group of very excited and overly helpful pre-schoolers, this father sat quietly at the back of the room with his daughter on his knee and a copy of the book ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’ open in their lap. Quietly he repeated each sentence after Kerry, to the absolute delight of his daughter… he was memorising the book so he could ‘read it’ at home. 

Each month we deliver literacy building packs to more than 300 SA pre-schoolers through our United We Read program. We see examples like this father, who simply needs some help and a comfortable environment to provide his daughter with a better start in life.

Evidence shows that many children who begin school behind never catch up, but with your donation we can provide children at risk of disadvantage with:

  • Regular opportunities to attend literacy building events designed to engage parents, model storytelling and build parent’s confidence as their child’s first educator.

Your donation will ensure more children are given the opportunity to begin school ready to read, learn and succeed, irrespective of their situation and can build a true love of reading… 


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